Mexico boasts a rich cultural heritage. Mexican traditional music is full of vibrancy, folklore and culture. There are many types of Mexican music, and we have listed some below.

Traditional Mexican Music:Mariachi – This music is a blend of cultures from the native people and those who came after them, such as the Iberians or black slaves. Many believe that Mariachi is heavily influenced by religion. The Spanish conquest of Mexico brought Christianity to Mexico. The majority of preaching was done in music using instruments of European design. The locals incorporated this style into their traditional musical styles. The orchestra consists of three to five musicians wearing tight pants, short jackets, boots, a bright and large sombrero and tight trousers. The traditional vihuela and guitarron are some of the instruments used on stage.

Ranchera: This music style is called “Waltz” and has been played for hundreds of years. It’s sung on ranches in Mexico, and portrays rural life with musicians wearing cowboy clothes. These songs depict love, religions, patriotism, and nature.

Banda means “band” in Spanish. It was popularized in Sinaloa recently. Brass, trombones, trumpets and tubas are all used here. Sometimes, the keyboard is used.

Nortena: These are mainly ballads that are sung in North Mexico. Nortena is a name that means “from the north”. Songs are inspired by current issues such as drugs, politics, illegal immigration, and love. You will find horns, accordion and big guitars. It is a mix of country music and waltz.