Monkeys, birds and reptiles as well as butterflies and other insects are just a few of the many animals that we have.


Many birds are attracted to the farm’s abundance of flowers and fruit. You will find parrots (and many other birds), woodpeckers (and tanagers), orioles, flycatchers and green Ibis among others. You might be able see the nests of the hummingbirds in their tiny, delicate form, or, at the other end, the nests of Montezuma Oropendulas which are 3-4 feet long.


You can see the Howler monkeys living in the shade of these majestic trees, sometimes with their babies. A few steps away, you will find tiny, colourful frogs hiding in the fallen leaves.


A flower-covered pergola creates a whimsical tunnel that leads to a hillside with bright red & rose gingers and colorful hibiscus. Hummingbirds and butterflies are drawn to the nectar from these exotic tropical flowers all year.


Two fish-ponds are now available, where you can find small tropical fish and many different frogs. The caiman that used to live there was caught and relocated manually. The ponds sit in a serene location, surrounded on all sides by large pandanus trees, cycads, palms and other plants.