We no longer offer regular guided tours to the public because of changing circumstances. We only offer group educational tours by appointment.

Finca Los Monos has some of the most beautiful habitats on Isla Colon and offers a guided tour. The 2km long trail takes you through a mature forest, surrounded by large native woods. Your guide will help identify unique birds and other interesting species. One of the highlights of your walk is the Montezuma Oropendulas colony with their nests. Keep an eye out for Toucans. The Howler Monkey Family of over 35 is often observed, and sometimes a frisky group white-faced capsuchins will make an appearance. There are only two known roosts for the beautiful and rare Western night monkey. Three-toed sloths, which are very common in Cecropia tree forests (Two toeds are less common), and a spectacled Caiman are often seen near the pond. You will need to be able to spot Iguanas in the under-story. Rarely is a Northern Tamanua seen nestled inside one of the enormous fig trees.

Tours start at 6.30am and finish around 8.30 or 9am. Bathrooms are available. Water and insect repellent are recommended. Although long pants and closed shoes may be recommended, it is not mandatory. Your guide comes with 2 pairs (8×42) binoculars, as well as a guidebook. Playback is used only when necessary, which will enhance your experience.

For general bird-watching tours contact: Lukas, lukasabell@gmail.com.

Tel. +507 6445 8445.
For educational group tours tours contact: Lin Gillingham, gillinghamdl@yahoo.com,

Tel. +507-6729-9943