Lake Atitlan… In Mayan, ‘Atitlan’ means a world full of beauty and grandeur. It is actually the place where the rainbow gets its colors. Aldous Huxley a writer and philosopher has been inspired by this magical place to declare ‘…Atitlan Como, with added embellishments from several enormous volcanoes. It’s a wonderful thing. This jewel is undoubtedly the most stunning lake in the entire world. It is large and volcanic, which gives it a grandeur only possible. Three impressive volcanoes dot the shores of Lake Atitlan. These volcanoes are San Pedro Volcano Volcano, Atitlan Volcano Volcano, And Toliman Volcano. They are known for their beauty as well as perfect cones. This picturesque view is magnified in the lake’s clear, calm waters. The volcanic eruption that created the lake more than 80,000 years back is what made it possible. Lake Atitlan enjoys the ideal climate: not too warm nor too cool. It feels right because it’s 1,560 meters above sealevel and about 15 degrees above equator. Although the sun shines nearly every day, you can expect rain from May to Oct.

Panajachel (or Solola), Santa Catarina Palopo and San Antonio are just a few of the Maya towns around Lake Atitlan. This gives you the opportunity to visit these small communities and their rich cultural heritage. Panajachel has the most shops and cafes. There are also tour companies and artisan markets. There are many bars where you could relax and have a great time. Santiago Atitlan and San Pedro also offer a mixture of Catholic beliefs and indigenous traditions. Some of the churches are well worth a visit. Some churches are dedicated in honor of Maximon, who pre-dates Catholicism’s entry.
This lake is full of black bass and makes great fishing. You can also rent a bicycle or a motorcycle so you can explore the lakeside. You also have the option to ride horses. If you would like to take a dip in a lake, there are many dive shops that can rent equipment. You can also enjoy a Lake tour by boat. Many tour companies offer boat trips to various lake towns.

Lake Atitlan is the home to Cakchiquel women and Maya Tzutujil women. They are well-known for their traditional clothing that is 100% hand-woven with intricate embroidery. These vibrantly colored fabrics can also be found on sale. The Mayan culture is fascinating to see around Lake Atitlan. You will also have the opportunity to meet the Mayan inhabitants of the villages that surround the lake.