When surfing the internet, I found this topic: Do plants have emotions? Scientists have proven that plants have life. If so, then it is clear that there is no theory. And if there is, why not treat them like living beings? While cutting plants, we don’t care about their pain. A plant’s life is not worth the effort of anyone. They are not able to speak like us and they don’t react when we cause them harm.

If someone doesn’t react even after suffering harm, how can we call them living?

Something has to be different about us that isn’t there in plants. This makes them less reactive to any harm they may suffer.

This made me think about how plans are similar to us in body, growth, and age. Nervous system is the only thing that is missing in plants. This is why they don’t react to any harm that happens after they are alive.

It means that plants are living beings without a brain. It could be true. This is a huge discovery in the world of living. A man can’t live without his brain. How then can a plant survive? Or else, they need a different nervous system.

Both cases require more research.

Plants like “touch me not” (MIMOSA PUDICA), which react to human touch, are known as touch me not plants. They close their eyes if any object touches them. They are closed if any object touches their leaves.

Plants seem to have their own world, and that is beyond human comprehension. They must have their own ways of expressing emotions. They should be speaking, but their frequency would be beyond our ears.

We will never be able to hear them crying.